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09 Januar 2017 @ 23:59
[sticky post] Movie Challenge 2017  
Cattys Idee setze ich der Übersichtlichkeit hier um, mal schauen, wieviele Sachen ich abhaken kann.


- watch a banned movie
- watch a movie endorsed by your favorite celebrityNoch tausend Worte (14.04.)
- watch a comic with a female lead
- watch a movie based by a book Home – Ein smektakulärer Trip (09.01.)
- watch a movie by Stanley Kubrick
- watch a movie based on a play
- watch a movie more than 50 years old
- watch a documentary
- watch a movie produced, written or directed by a non-white men Gangster Squad (26.02.)
- watch a movie produced, written or directed by a non-white female
- watch a movie you watched in your high School Die unendliche Geschichte (16.04.)
- watch a classic horror movie
- watch a movie recommended by a friend
- watch a modernized adaption of an old work The Gambler (25.02.2017)
- watch a movie based on a fairy-tale
- watch a biography
- watch a movie based on a graphic novel
- watch a movie that's neither in english nor in your mother tongue
- watch a movie set in your country
- watch a movie released in 2017 Life (23.03.)
- watch a movie released in 1967
- watch a movie by an producer/director/writer the same age as you Sex Tape (08.03.2017)
- watch the first thing recommended by Netflix/Amazon that is recommended to you
- watch a movie of short stories / ensemble movie
- watch a classic Hitchcock
- watch a movie by or about a person that identifies as transgender Dallas Buyers Club (05.03.2017)
- watch a movie on the IMDB Top 100 that you haven't watched before
- watch a movie outside your favorite genre
- watch a movie about a culture you are unfamiliar with
- watch an animated movie Wolkig mit Aussicht auf Fleischbällchen 2 (08.01.)
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